How To Play

Entering our prize competitions, how to play…

  1. Under Competitions or from our other pages choose the competition draw you wish to enter
  2. Choose how many entries/numbers you would like in the draw
  3. Proceed to Check-out and make payment
  4. You will be emailed with your number in that draw and also interactively placed onto the competition page against your assigned number(s)

Picking the winning competitor

Once the draw is ready to commence following a completed timer on a competition, the draw commences and a winner is chosen live on by the trusty Google random number generator. One random number will be picked for the prize.

Prize delivery and uploading winners photos

Winners are listed on our facebook page and winners page as they happen.

Cash prizes will be transferred to the winner after ID checks have been completed. The funds will be transferred to an account of your choice. Winner photos if arranged shall be uploaded to our winner’s page within seven days of the draw date.

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