When do draws take place? As soon as the tickets have ball been sold. Our process is automatic, fully logged, verified and tracked.

random number generator uk prize drawHow winner(s) is picked? How do we pick winners? – Our Winner(s) is/are picked randomly once lottery is finished. Our state of the art Plugin uses ground breaking mt_rand PHP function to randomly pick winners. PHP function mt_rand() which provides totally solid randomization for this purpose.

What happens if all the tickets are not sold when the timer runs out?

If a competition is not fully sold we pay a cash prize alternative (based on the number of tickets sold).

How long does it take for prizes to be paid or delivered?

For cash prizes we will contact the winner and obtain bank details or similar to allow for a transfer of funds. For physical prizes, they should be delivered within 10 days.

Is the draw totally random?

Yes, Best Competitions guarantee that the random number generator used for each competition is totally random.

How many entries am I allowed to have in any one draw?

This varies between 250 and 750 entries

You can see our winners on our home page as they are announced 🙂